Typography is essential in web design. It’s the method by which you deliver your message, making sure that the words which describe your product look right for your brand too. When typography works, it makes your website stand out. Here are some points to consider.

Choosing the right font will govern how your reader feels. A lot can be done with text presentation – you can emphasise the parts which need to excite people, you can give the text a fun feel or you can make it look vintage and nostalgic. Consider how you want your audience to react and let this inform your decision.

The font which you use is all over your website. It makes it look consistent, professional and well branded. Therefore, it has to be right. Don’t just think about individual messages, think about your brand as a whole.

Font says a lot about tone of voice. For example, you are likely going to use a very different font for a website about children’s parties to one explaining mathematical formulas. One has to be energetic and engaging, one has to be serious and informative. Set the tone with the font you choose.