Welcome to Young Go Getter, where we explore how start ups can take advantage of a more connected world, to reach new markets and new people, and quickly grow their company into one of the biggest in their field.

What we look at can be simplified by saying that we simply look at the advantages of online advertising, but this is an oversimplification. The world of digital advertising is rich and diverse, and to take full advantage of the opportunities available to you, diversifying your marketing strategy is key.

The world of marketing in general is changing very rapidly, and this is due, mainly, because the older styles of advertising – newspapers, leafleting, direct mail, TV and radio campaigns – have been proven to be massively less efficient methods of advertising than most forms of digital advertising (not that they don’t have their role in the mixing bowl). So not only do you have a diverse range of marketing channels to choose from, the range is also constantly growing and shifting the importance from one place to the next. In such a fast changing environment, engagement is key, and the engaged are kings.


here at Young Go Getter, we explore how you can use these different marketing channels to benefit your business. We look at the facts that make up the environment, and then we look at how successful campaigns have been run, and from there explain how you can replicated that success – and improve upon it. If you want to find out more, keeping reading!