Having a website for your business is a great idea but you do need to think carefully before you decide to go ahead with one. There are a vast number of places that you can get a website from and it is important to fully understand what you going to get. Starting with the cheapest – you will find some companies offer you a free basic website or very low monthly cost. They usually do this as often your site will link back to them and effectively is advertising for them. They usually reply on a number of people also then upgrading to a paid for version. These sites may be ok if you just want something to put on a business card, but they usually are very restrictive as to what you can do on them and you may find that you end up having to start again with someone else later on down the line.

If you want a professional website that can grow with you then you should try and find an agency or a web developer that specialises in bespoke websites. It may not be that you have to have a completely bespoke site, but for a website to work for your business it does need to have been designed for you. This doesn’t always mean that it will cost the earth just that it will have everything you need in it.