Brand identity is an important part of your brand’s existence. It’s integral to your business’s success that you address the issue of brand identity early on in your career. All brands will have an identity, and if you don’t work to create one yourself, it could develop naturally. And it might not be quite what you were going for.

Spend some time thinking about how you want people to perceive your brand. Do you want to be fun and quirky? Or serious and business-like? Should there be any humour?

Once you’ve decided on this, think about how you’re going to convey it. The image you’re projecting should feed into all aspects of your brand design work, from your logo and your website to your advertising campaigns. Therefore, it’s very important that it’s something which you’ve decided on from the very beginning. It is probably worth having these discussions in consultation with the people who will be doing your design work so as to establish how they’re able to work with your ideas.