When going through the process of designing a new website, you need to ensure that it will be as user-friendly as possible. The aim of your website is to engage with your audience, and if people aren’t able to make easy use of all its features and find their way around, they’re far more likely to leave. Here are some tips for creating a positive user experience which should be taken into account during the website design process:

  1. Prioritise navigation. People need to know how to find their way around your site – if they find it too difficult, they won’t persevere.
  2. Use good copy. People need to be able to understand your message easily. As an added bonus, if the text is appealing and engaging, you have an excellent opportunity to hold someone’s attention.
  3. Make it clear who you are. Put your logo somewhere prominent, usually the top left-hand corner as this is where people’s eyes will first be drawn.
  4. Get the technology right. Make your site as up-to-date as you can – technology changes all the time and you don’t want it to start looking old-fashioned within a few months.
  5. Use calls to action and interactive designs to draw your potential customers in. If they’re fully involved with your site, they’re more likely to respond to it.