In the project-based world of a design agency, it can be difficult to work in ways that are easy to implement, easy to track and easy for everyone to be a part of. Workloads vary and methods of dealing with them are highly changeable depending on the agency and its staff. It is essential to adapt to changing markets and to make processes as agile as possible. This will inevitably involve the implementation of new ways of working on a regular basis.

It might be easiest to consult others when establishing the best ways of working. It’s always highly valuable to get the opinions of people without inside knowledge of your business and the way it operates. Working for an organisation for a long time can lead to you becoming set in your ways. Fresh opinions and ideas are an excellent resource to draw upon.

That being said, you will need to have plenty of input yourself. Try to look at how things are happening and make lists of areas that need to be improved upon. Next, you can begin brainstorming ideas for how to change them. It’s difficult to be self-critical, but it needs to happen in order for it to improve.

Getting new processes up and running can be time consuming, but don’t let that put you off. It will be better in the long run. The key to making this process a success is communication. Ensure that everybody knows what is happening, even if it won’t be immediately relevant to them – they should still have the opportunity to come up with ideas and to feel included. Soon, it will become second nature to everyone and you will be able to run your agency business more smoothly and more collaboratively.