Technology is great but it can also cause issues if it fails or if it falls into the wrong hands. Many businesses use lots of different types of hardware such as tablets, phones, computers, printers and servers. All of these items need to be looked after and maintained to prolong their life and ensure that data is protected. It may be that you store all your customers details on your in house server. It something happened to this server then you could potentially lose your entire database and if that data got stolen, you may be liable for compensation.

Devices such as tablets may be used by members of the sales team to enable them to go through things with customers on a screen. Without these devices the sales staff may find their job really hard or even impossible. It is important than you ensure all hardware is kept up to date in terms of software updates and that if it stores important data, it is backed up regularly.  You may do this yourself or if you have a lot of devices you may outsource it to a third party IT company.