For many people thinking of setting up their own business now may seem like an unwise time to embark on what can be a risky venture anyway, but it really depends on what your business is as some companies are doing very well in these strange times.

If your business is mainly going to be online which means that it is unnecessary to lease a business premise, then the increase in online purchases in recent times is going to be advantageous to you. The overhead costs of leasing a business premises and employing staff eats away into the most successful businesses profits so not having to do these things could result in a more profitable business.

If you can find a demand for products or services that no other business is fulfilling, then a business in that sector could be successful. As non-essential shops are having to close periodically across the country a number of products are difficult to obtain, an example of this is greetings cards. During the first lockdown many supermarkets sold out of greetings cards as the independent card shops were forced to close. A business that designs and makes bespoke greetings cards would be an example of a potentially successful start-up company that could do well at this time.