When it comes to marketing, advertising plays an important role. When setting up any business you should try and create a logo as soon as possible. This logo should be used on all advertising and across all platforms such as social media, signage, and stationery a long with printed adverts and of course your website.

Having a uniform logo and colourways across multiple platforms will help to build up brand awareness. Ideally you need to hire a graphic designer to make you a logo or you need to use one of the many websites out there that will create a logo for you for a small fee.

When it comes to print, you need to do your research on which company you will use. You may like to find a local printers who you can liaise with directly and go and look at samples etc if needs be or you may decided to use one of the larger companies online that allows you to upload your finished design or use one of their many templates to create your business cards etc. You may also want to think about uniform or signage. This can often be purchased from the same place and you may be able to save money if ordered all at the same time.