Everyone is a designer nowadays, which is fair enough… but there should be some practices we should all follow. It’ll come in handy and be eye-pleasing for us all! Check out five tips below;

1) Keep it appropriate

Think of your target audience, look at other designs in that similar field and then get designing!

2) Use black first

One common mistake is colouring the logo midway, which ends up in the final design being poor. Leave colour till the end and focus on the idea first.

3) Leave trends to the fashion industry

Yep, trends are exactly that… a trend. They come and go. Longevity is what you should be looking at, don’t follow everyone else!

4) A simple logo aids flexibility

Keeping the design simple. Look at brands like BBC and Samsung, their logo is simple but most importantly easy to recognise.

5) Even Leonardo da Vinco started somewhere

You don’t need to be an artist to know that logo sketching is beneficial. Ideas come across much faster with a pencil and paper, than they do with a mouse and monitor. So stop trying to be a Photoshop whiz from the get-go!