As the majority of routine computer tasks can be completed on a smartphone whether it be reading and sending emails to doing online shopping many people are questioning whether to replace their bulky computer with a sophisticated mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet however there are applications that do not translate well from a computer to a mobile device so it is important to consider whether the applications that you use most frequently are amongst these.

As had previously been stated for most ordinary people’s needs a mobile device is fine but if you are a person who uses a computer to write more than an occasional letter perhaps because you work as an author or journalist then a smartphone just will not do. The frustration of trying to type on a small keyboard is one of the main problems as is the ability to organise your work and format it appropriately. In the same way If photography is your hobby and you like to manipulate the images you have captured; a computer makes this process much easier although simple changes to images can be made on modern smartphones.

The decision on whether to go along the route of replacing your laptop with a tablet or smartphone should not be taken lightly as high end smartphones are an expensive purchase but if you need to replace an old computer it is certainly worth considering.