Dominance in design is to do with attracting attention to the right parts of the page at the right time. It’s an important part of creating a positive user experience and will help to ensure that your brand’s design work has the desired effect on your target audience.

The dominant element of the page is the part which you want people to pay attention to first. This could be your logo, an advertisement title, an offer or anything else which is considered to be the initial part of the design for a customer. It’s usually created through contrast; the dominant part will be bigger or in some way bolder than other elements of the design. Surrounding the dominant object with white also helps by making it effortlessly take prominence within its immediate vicinity. The greater the contrast, the more dominance you will have.

Dominance will create a hierarchy within the design by guiding the eye to the most important element first, giving the design a focal point. This then allows you to guide the viewer’s eyes around the page so that they take in all of the elements at the right time. It’s even more important than you might think – if people struggle to take what they want to out of a design, they’ll just move on. Make it immediately obvious to your viewers what they should be looking at.