Many people have set up a new business during the pandemic. It may be that they have found themselves out of work or that they simply have had the time to do something that they have wanted to for a long time.

As the shops are not open at presence, people are having to buy a number of products they would in store, online. This may include gifts for birthdays, cards or banners. It may be that you want to buy personalised items and gifts such as cake toppers, birthday banners or mugs. It is often hard to get personalised items in shops, especially when only essential shops are open. This is where online printing businesses come in. Setting up a business which allow you to make these products and post them out to people is in high demand at the moment but you need to move fast as it may be when every starts to return to normal, it dies down again. You may ant to have your won website created that allows people to order from you, or maybe you decide to sell through places such as Etsy or Facebook. Once you are up and trading you can then start to expand your reach and advertise in other places.