Every business should think about their branding. Branding is not just your logo or your strapline it encompasses everything your business represents and stands for. It does include you logo, colourways, marketing material and website but it also covers your business values and ethos.

The more recognised your brand is the more chance to have of securing deals and making sales. Marketing is the best way to build up you brand and get your business recognised. There are so many different ways in which you can market your business that you may not know where’s best to invest your time and money. If this is the case then it is strongly recommend that you seek the help and advice of a marketing expert

If you are a business that sells to other businesses then you will need to have a different marketing strategy to a business that sells direct to the public. Some parts may overlap but your overall focus will probably be quite different.  Often with business to business sales the brand reputation and recognition is even more important.

When dealing with other businesses you need to make it feel like you are a partner of theirs, working together towards a goal rather than a sales person trying to get them to buy your product.