Concept design is part of the overall design process, which can take you through from brainstorming ideas to manufacture. As with all parts of the wider process, concept design is integral in shaping the finished product and allowing designers to communicate their ideas with customers or investors. It allows a new product’s potential to be fully considered.

Many people would consider concept design to be one of the most creative parts of the process. It involves establishing the new product’s purpose by working out the problems that the product will solve. Often, this part of the process is highly collaborative and will involve making mind maps and putting together lots of notes and ideas before proceeding.

Once an initial concept has been decided upon, it’s time to come up with something more concrete. The next step of concept design will involve fully rendered images that are complete and ready to be showcased to the customer/ investor. These will look at the product from many different angles and consider its full functionality.

To conclude, concept design is essentially the widest view. It is coming up with ideas, and beginning the process of making them into a reality.