When It comes to having a logo designed, you should take the time to fully brief the designer on what your company ethos is about and how you want your brand to be perceived. You may not have any idea on how you want the logo to look, which is fine as that is the job of the designer, but if you have seen logos you like or dislike, you could send them to your designer so they have an idea of what you may want.

How important is your logo? If you think about any big brand such as PlayStation, MacDonald’s, Apple etc they all have a very recognisable logo. Their logos are actually quite basic and don’t have their full brand name in but they don’t need to as everyone knows exactly what it is when they see it. Logos often evolve over time, so to start with you may decide to have your brand name in your design. As the brand grows in popularity you may drop the name and just have initials instead.

Be sure to consider what your logo will look like in different forms of media and maybe on different backgrounds as this is important when you come to start marketing.