If you are a web designer who has dabbled in a bit of web programming or web development, as you have designed and built a few sites. You may have found it to be a bit time consuming and effort consuming  using the same approach for larger sites, when working with the small non-eCommerce sites where your project is for a simple website or web blog, when a simpler solution is required.

If this is the case then considering using WordPress as your content management system,  and create a custom designed theme using the underscores theme frame work as a base to build your’re theme on.

This way you don’t have to worry too much about the heavier programming as most of the work has been done for you with the CMS, and as it’s not an eCommerce site it won’t need the extra functionality weighing it down.

Underscores is a lightweight frame work that literally gives you a blank design campus to work from but includes all the CMS functionality required for the site to work well.