Promotional material such as flyers, emailers and posters can all have a great positive affect on your business, but it is very important to think carefully about what you include and how they are laid out as if done incorrectly they can actually do more harm than good.

When designing an email marketing campaign for example, you need to consider who your target audience is. You need to think carefully about the tone of your email and consider everything in detail. It is easy for an email to be read the wrong way for example, so it is vital that you ensure you have said what you need to the correct way. Although online material can quickly be updated, once an email has been sent and received it cannot be unsent. Take the time to double check your emailer for typos and to ensure that all the links  / phone numbers are correct and work. You should also make sure that any image that is used is of a high quality so does not look pixelated. Ideally you should get a few people to look over any promotional material before it goes to print or is sent out as often when working on a project, you can easily miss things if you are too close.