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How Should your Branding Feed into your Website?

The branding of your business is essential – it tells your customers who you are and reminds them who they are buying from. This means that your branding has to be used in your web design, and it has to be used a lot. Your customer should never be allowed to forget who you are and what you do.

First, make sure your logo is up to scratch. If it doesn’t speak volumes about you and your business, it might be time for a logo rethink. Ask a design agency or your in house designer to come up with some concepts that are fresh and modern. Make sure your logo is used everywhere and use the logo’s colours in your design.

Use you business name clearly on every web page. It doesn’t have to be too much – you also don’t want to put customers off. Just make sure it is clearly established in the customer’s mind from your web design.

Does User Experience Make a Big Difference?

User experience refers to the experiences someone has while using a particular website or platform. If they have a good user experience, they are more likely to become customers and spend their money on the products or services on offer. Based on this, user experience is incredibly important and it is something that webmasters and web designers need to focus on in order to achieve conversions.

There have been many studies carried out in relation to user experience and they very much suggest that it is something to prioritise. The internet is completely inundated with websites, many of them offering similar products. If a user finds that they enjoy using a particular website more, it makes sense that they will return to this website again. By ensuring a positive user experience, company owners can find themselves new customers and in the process, find loyal customers who will continue to use their business.

The Most Important Aspects of Web Design

A well-designed website should look good and function well at the same time. There are lots of things you should consider in conjunction with your web designer. Here are some of the most important:

  • The overall appearance. Your website should have a cohesive appearance and should be recognisable as yours on every page.
  • Branding. Make sure your site shows who you are and will stay in customers’heads. Create a brand with your website that is memorable and attractive.
  • Functionality. The website should work well and should be easy to use.
  • Navigation. Make sure people can find their way around your website easily. They need to be able to search, find products and get to the part of the site they need to be on.

Discuss all of this with your web designer. If they are the right designer for you, they will understand your brief and create a site that works for your business.

Hiring a web design agency made easier

All businesses need a website these days to survive. The internet is essential for all business transactions. Building a website, however, isn’t enough. That’s because there are so many sites on the internet. You need to learn how to drive traffic to your website if you want to survive. You can’t however just concentrate on getting visitors to your site. You need to make sure that you keep visitors on your website too. Continue reading

Using VistaPrint for Customised Promotional Items

If you have a brand already and a professional logo has been designed for your company brand but you have grown tired of the usual printed media methods such as a plan business card, flyers, online or via billboards, as well as their overall costs. Then a good solution for your business is to use VistaPrint to create customised promotional Items featuring your design.

They have affordable rates and the more quantities you buy from them per order the greater the discounts, and you most likely will get free shipping over a certain order amount.

Once you have uploaded your logo, and/or design you can then have that printed on mugs for use around the office (or to give out to customers), pens to hand out to customers instead of boring business cards, and a wide range of other promotional items that may enable your business to stand out from the rest, as it boasts your company logo, and/or design.

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