The Cons of Responsive Web Design

Continuing on from our post last month regarding the positives of responsive web design, it’s now time to look at the other side of the matter and analyse the negative side of this type of design.

Whilst responsive design is praised for many reasons, one of the main gripes is the fact that when web components are scaled down, it can cause pages to become inaccessible.

Responsive websites are also known to sometimes take longer to load due images on the site being scaled down visually and not re-sized to help with faster loading times. This is usually a big problem when loading a web page on a cellular network. Wi-Fi users will not suffer this problem.


Web Design In Wellingborough – What’s your Plan?

If you are planning to build either a website or a blog, there are certain things that you need to consider before you hire a freelance designer or design firm. For sure, there are several providers of web design in Wellingborough. Who you hire will greatly depend on what you need and what you intend to achieve. For instance, the design of a traditional blog will be very different from the design of a business website. With that said, you need to be fully aware of your objectives before you start looking for a designer. Below are some tips that can help you find the most appropriate designer for your website.

1) Try getting recommendations from people you know who have experience hiring designers in the Wellingborough area. There’s a good chance that there’s someone or there’s a firm they can recommend to you. This is a good strategy because it’s less risky considering the fact that the people you know will less likely recommend to you a bad design firm. Also, it’s the most sensible thing to do especially if you know people working in industries related to technology. You have nothing to lose in asking them for recommendations.

2) Visit the design firm’s website and try to discern if it’s the right firm for you. Most design outfits these days run their own websites so that you as a potential client can browse through their portfolios and other works. In most cases, they feature links to the websites that they have designed or serviced. You should take the time to look at these websites to give you an idea what you will be receiving if you hire the design firm. If you don’t like their designs, then it’s probably best to move on to another one.

3) Ask the firm about the scope of their services. Majority of design companies today don’t merely design websites. They also offer a variety of services such as search engine optimization, content marketing, social media management, and advertisement campaigns, among other things. If these are things that you think you will also need, then you have to get in touch with a company that offers them on top of their design services. Of course, the fees will increase proportionally to the increase in the scope of services.

4) Take into account the state of the firm’s customer support. Once your website is done, will the firm offer continuous support in the future in cases that you encounter problems? This is especially important if you yourself is not technically-savvy when it comes to website management. A good design company will offer you help in times when you encounter issues with your website especially problems concerning the design itself.

5) Consider the design firm’s experience. The logic here is simple. The more experienced the employees of a firm are, the more qualified they are in delivering to you exactly what you want. Needless to say, always try to go with experienced designers.

So the next time you go looking for a provider of web design in Wellingborough, always keep in mind the practical tips discussed above.

The Positives of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design has become more popular over the past couple of years, but is it right for everyone? In this post we discuss the pros of responsive web design.

The main benefit of having a responsive website is that the actual structure of the site means that you do not need to develop a separate website for mobile users. This is very important, as tablets and smartphones are used more than desktop computers nowadays.

A responsive website is also great for websites looking to boost their SEO. As the website has the same content as a static site, Google, Bing and other search engines have no need to crawl mobile and static sites.

In terms of cosmetic appeal. responsive sites are much more modern. If you have a website which is only designed in mind of computers, it can be difficult to manage when uploading to a mobile device.

What’s The Difference Between A Flat Design And Skeuomorphism

You’re probably wondering what skeuomorphism is. Don’t worry if you’re not sure, because you’ve definitely seen it.

Skeuomorphism describes the way a design borrows a particular feature from the past, even when the need for it has gone. For example using a monophonic ringtone on a brand new iPhone, when you can use actual audio. A flat design is self-explanatory, embracing visual minimalism using simple shapes and colours.

A skeumorphic design will look much more realistic to the eye, due to the way colours and shapes are used. Flat design has come into play recently, due to the love of nostalgia. If you look at smartphone games, you’ll see that flat design games seem to be more popular. Whilst this may not be just down to the design, it definitely plays a part.

Overall it depends on what you’re designing. So test out both styles and see what works well.

Two Important Tips For Beginners In Logo Design

Being a beginner in logo design isn’t exactly easy. Logo design is in our opinion one of the hardest, if not the hardest type of graphic design. Below are a couple of tips we consider to be important when it comes to effective logo design.

1) When designing a logo, remember that the most popular logos in the world do not necessarily show what said company is about. The Apple logo says nothing about technology, and the Mercedes-Benz logo doesn’t hint that it’s anything to do with a car.

2) Don’t worry about colour too much when designing a logo. Logos should be designed in black and white first, to make sure they look good and stand out. If you do decide to add colour to the logo, stick to a maximum of three different colours.

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