How important is your logo?

When It comes to having a logo designed, you should take the time to fully brief the designer on what your company ethos is about and how you want your brand to be perceived. You may not have any idea on how you want the logo to look, which is fine as that is the job of the designer, but if you have seen logos you like or dislike, you could send them to your designer so they have an idea of what you may want.

How important is your logo? If you think about any big brand such as PlayStation, MacDonald’s, Apple etc they all have a very recognisable logo. Their logos are actually quite basic and don’t have their full brand name in but they don’t need to as everyone knows exactly what it is when they see it. Logos often evolve over time, so to start with you may decide to have your brand name in your design. As the brand grows in popularity you may drop the name and just have initials instead.

Be sure to consider what your logo will look like in different forms of media and maybe on different backgrounds as this is important when you come to start marketing.

Designing your website – what to consider

If you have set up a new business or have a business already established but want to start to market online, then you need to think carefully about the design of your website. The layout, colour ways and font are all vitally important and will make a huge difference to how successful your website is. Your site needs to capture your audience’s attention but for all the right reasons. If you use a font that is hard to read you may find that people leave before even getting to the page they wanted to find. If your business is a professional business such as a solicitors or accountancy firm then the font also needs to look professional, to give a good first impression.

The layout is another area that you need to consider in detail. If you use a web design and development company, they will be able to advise you on what layouts work best. Try not to add too many different menus or elements on one area as it can become confusing. If you have a high voice rate (number of visitors leaving the site very quickly after they have landed on it) it may be one of these types of issues causing it.

There are some manufacturers that make creams that do use a better quality of ingredients and have maybe done more research to find out what is good for your skin, but whether that is worth paying hundreds for is another matter. Often when a celebrity endorses a face cream or beauty product, it is not just the face cream that has given them a youthful look, they may of even had cosmetic surgery. Think carefully before breaking the bank to splash out on that moisturiser. 

Have you considered setting up you own printing business?

Many people have set up a new business during the pandemic. It may be that they have found themselves out of work or that they simply have had the time to do something that they have wanted to for a long time.

As the shops are not open at presence, people are having to buy a number of products they would in store, online. This may include gifts for birthdays, cards or banners. It may be that you want to buy personalised items and gifts such as cake toppers, birthday banners or mugs. It is often hard to get personalised items in shops, especially when only essential shops are open. This is where online printing businesses come in. Setting up a business which allow you to make these products and post them out to people is in high demand at the moment but you need to move fast as it may be when every starts to return to normal, it dies down again. You may ant to have your won website created that allows people to order from you, or maybe you decide to sell through places such as Etsy or Facebook. Once you are up and trading you can then start to expand your reach and advertise in other places.

Is this a good time to set up a new business?

For many people thinking of setting up their own business now may seem like an unwise time to embark on what can be a risky venture anyway, but it really depends on what your business is as some companies are doing very well in these strange times.

If your business is mainly going to be online which means that it is unnecessary to lease a business premise, then the increase in online purchases in recent times is going to be advantageous to you. The overhead costs of leasing a business premises and employing staff eats away into the most successful businesses profits so not having to do these things could result in a more profitable business.

If you can find a demand for products or services that no other business is fulfilling, then a business in that sector could be successful. As non-essential shops are having to close periodically across the country a number of products are difficult to obtain, an example of this is greetings cards. During the first lockdown many supermarkets sold out of greetings cards as the independent card shops were forced to close. A business that designs and makes bespoke greetings cards would be an example of a potentially successful start-up company that could do well at this time.

Keeping your business hardware secure and up to date

Technology is great but it can also cause issues if it fails or if it falls into the wrong hands. Many businesses use lots of different types of hardware such as tablets, phones, computers, printers and servers. All of these items need to be looked after and maintained to prolong their life and ensure that data is protected. It may be that you store all your customers details on your in house server. It something happened to this server then you could potentially lose your entire database and if that data got stolen, you may be liable for compensation.

Devices such as tablets may be used by members of the sales team to enable them to go through things with customers on a screen. Without these devices the sales staff may find their job really hard or even impossible. It is important than you ensure all hardware is kept up to date in terms of software updates and that if it stores important data, it is backed up regularly.  You may do this yourself or if you have a lot of devices you may outsource it to a third party IT company.

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