Are you struggling for ideas for your business cards?

Business cards can be very important as they allow you to quickly pass on your details to a potential client, new client or for handing out at networking groups. You may not realise it but your business card has a massive reflection of you and your business as a whole so it is important to get it right.

A business card should clearly have all your contact details on such as name, office address (if required) phone number, email as a minimum, maybe even your Facebook / Twitter address etc. IT is vital that you double check all the spellings and numbers on your business card before it goes to print.

When designing a business card, you should try and keep in line with any existing branding you already have for example, your logo or colourways. If someone is looking for your card amongst a pile of other ones and cannot recognise your logo, then they may well skip past it. You may decide that you want your design to be a little bit more out there. You may want it to stand out from the crowd, but it is important that it stands out for the right reasons.

If you are struggling for ideas for a business card, but cannot afford to pay a designer to come up with one for you, then take a look on some of the print websites.

Considering SEO Before a Website Rebuild

SEO is an important consideration for any website and, if you are having a new website built, it should be taken into account from the outset. Once you start with a rebuild project, it will be too late to consider SEO as thoroughly as it should be considered, as it should inform content, site structure, URL structure, and more. It is a factor that should be discussed with a web design agency long before the actual build process takes place.

SEO and web design should really be seen as one in the same thing, with each one informing the other. They work closely together and as such, should be considered in parallel. Choosing a web design agency that also knows about SEO and search marketing will really help you to push your project in the right direction and keep it in line with SEO best practice. Any agency you work with should be well qualified in both areas.

Should you Have a Set Idea in Mind Before Having a New Website Designed?

A new website for your business – it’s exciting stuff. Web design trends often change, and website designs need to incorporate various elements to make your website functional. With this in mind, is it really sensible to have a set idea in mind of what you want your website to look like?

Everyone will have their own design preferences; it’s an individual thing. However, deciding exactly how you want your site to look could be detrimental to its execution. Your web designer will design you a website that is modern, functional and attractive, bringing in all the necessary elements. By all means, give them ideas and tell them what styles you like – it is your website, after all. The difficulty comes when you know exactly what you want and try to explain it to your designer. They are professionals, so it’s best to trust them with your design. You can always make changes afterwards.

Keeping a Website Build on Track

A website build is a huge process, that will easily go off track if it is not project managed to perfection. As a web design client, there are many things that you can do to improve your chances of having your website ready and live at the time you want it. Here are some of the things you can do:

  1. Communicate with your web design agency. Make sure they know your plans and timescales, and give them the chance to tell you if they are realistic. Make sure you get regular updates as the project progresses.
  2. Get everything done from your end. If you need to provide content, or you have to give the agency images, make sure they are ready.
  3. Change your domain over. If you are switching from one agency to another, and your domain is owned by your previous agency, take care of the admin well ahead of time.

Selecting Images for your Website

Whilst content is important for SEO and for people who take an interest in your site, the images as probably going to be the first thing someone will notice. They will click onto your site and immediately be presented with the visual aspects of it. Your imagery has to be appropriate and sum up what you do accurately.

Choosing appropriate imagery may not be the cheapest option, but it is so important for your website. Use stock imagery if you have a subscription – you might be able to find some images with free usage rights but this will be a lot harder. Decide on the kind of appearance you are going for and choose images to fit in with this.

Even better, use your own photos. Work with a photographer to take photographs that represent your business, and that you will hold the copyright to. This gives clients a valuable insight into your business.

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